I Lost It

Last night I dreamed a very vivid moment when I lost a tooth. Not like when you are 6 and you lose the top portion of a baby tooth. I’m talking from root to tip, the full length of a tooth and one of my lower incisors, no less.

I was horrified.

I held the tooth in my hand and stared at it appalled at how easily it fell out. And then I preceded to try to put it back in place in my mouth to no avail.

What just happened? And why in the hell did I lose my tooth?!

It was the next moment that horrified me even more. When a person came up to me and said, “Don’t worry. You won’t need it anyway.”


I’ve heard or read or something that dreaming that you lose a tooth or teeth means good luck. It sure didn’t feel that way during my slumber. I woke up feeling a bit uneasy and, of course, quickly running my tongue over my teeth to check that all was in tact.

Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe it means that I should not hold on to things so hard. I don’t know.

I’m open to ideas. Anyone? Bueller?