Indirectly Killing Trees

This is not me. I swear. I don’t want to be this woman.

The purpose of my job flies directly in the face of the practice de-cluttering and reducing waste. It could be argued that it helps support less clutter, but I know better. This is a realization I need to process through. How do I work and support something I don’t believe in?

Ask my best friend. She’ll tell you that if I could rid the world of anything, it would be… garbage. I picked garbage as my answer before cancer and hatred in the game of “If” during our road trip from CA to IL. And my job contributes to it, to some degree. Most of it can be recycled, but who wants to contribute to the amount of stuff that needs to go through the recycle process? Besides that, I contribute to the increased number of trees that are cut down. That is horrifying. My job supports tree murdering.

I feel like the person enabling puppy mills now. Because buying a puppy at a pet store supports the puppy mills that mass-breed dogs for their shops. It’s a total guise that buying a puppy from a shop “saves a puppy” when behind the scenes the poor mother dog that is caged constantly to continually breed to supply these shops is horrifying, as well. Ok, maybe killing trees is not as drastic, but it does have an impact to our earth, the animals that live in them, the air we breathe and our carbon footprint. I care about that.

I love the people I work with, but I don’t like one of the biggest by-products of my job. And, I’m incentivized to do more of it. I make really good money, but this is not kosher. Not kosher, at all.

I feel a Fibro flare coming on…