Fibro Takes a Vacation

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted. Well, it is what it is. Not something I’ll dwell over. I’ve had the usual lot on my mind like work stress and my Fibro apparition. Well overdue for time off, I was definitely in dire need of vacation and a physical/mental reset. We are just home from our annual vacation in the Northwoods – a little more than a week off of work. And you know what?

Not only was it very relaxing and productive getting our WI house ready for the next remodel phase, it became a medication break I didn’t expect.

My medication routine is not extreme, by any means. I take a muscle relaxer nightly and when I have Fibro pain, I take a pain pill three times a day (aka Bitch Mint), only when needed which tends to be 5 -7 days out of a month. Not bad. Recently, I had to establish with a new physician and learned that the pain pill I take has some long-term potential effects on the liver, among other things. I think that stuck in my subliminal crawl enough that I didn’t even think about grabbing a pill if I was feeling achy while in God’s Country. I worked through it and, basically, dealt with it. It wasn’t horrible, but I’m pretty certain that being on vacation really helped in that process.

At night it was a lot cooler than back in FL. That alone makes me hunker down and sleep more deeply. But not one night did I even bat an eye about taking my muscle relaxer – I didn’t even think about it. I slept so deeply and dreamed so vividly, it was a true pleasure.

My Fibro ghost did not haunt me in WI. The Sleepy Gnomes were not the tiny footsteps and rattling I heard at night. That was only the mice that still occupy our roof rafters. Turns out my Fibro took a vacation, too. Only a faint trace of stiffness here and there, as a gentle reminder.

You know what? I’ll take it. Hands down.