The 29 Day Experiment

I’ve read that it takes about 30 days of doing the same thing to create a habit. I’m going to test the theory for 29 days, as suggested by @BecomingMinimalist (my new favorite site for inspiration).

So… what am I going to do for the next 29 days?


Whether it’s a blog post, a sentence or a word. I’m going to write something. Why? Why not? Besides, it’s my way of decluttering my mind. My closet is not the only thing that’s going to benefit from my efforts. Every since I was young and started journal writing, that instantly became my mental outlet. It clarifies me.

I’m not going to put a lot of requirements around what I write or defining a focus or anything. It will simply be to write something. Twenty-nine days is not really a lot of time, when I think about it.

One of the presents we got our son is a calligraphy set – with feather, ink and multiple pen tips. I’m hoping this inspires his creative side again. At 15 and extremely athletic, his artistic side has been overshadowed a bit. I know it’s in there, though. He is a fantastically detailed drawer, but a perfectionist to a fault.

So, this is day one, and those are my thoughts.



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