They Do Exist

The only possible way it can be explained that my face looks like a 14 year old is stress. At my age, looking 14 should be a god-send, but that is not it at all. It’s true. They do exist. The urban legend talk of underground, throbbing and painful stress zits is not just borne from decades of stories handed down from generation to generation. I have Frankenstein-sized nodules on my forehead. I think I am walking slightly off-balance, as a result.

As a serial head scratcher, I grazed one and nearly passed out.

I knew this work week was going to have some type of effect on me since I declared I can’t take it anymore and that the mental knot in my head was going to be a huge challenge, but I find myself now, on Friday evening, feeling like a man who was forced to attempt to breastfeed a child over and over again. Wrong and completely frustrated. Hard core sales is not just my gig, no matter how I slice it. My best day this week was when I was in the office doing the job I’m supposed to be doing – not sales.

I didn’t take the personality quiz I was planning to last night. My current self was having a heart-to-heart with my past self tugging and struggling to untie my brain. What I do know is that I have no regrets. I’ve learned they’re not worth it. I am the person I’ve become because of my path and experiences, and I’m content with that.  Check that exercise off the list. Reflection on past. Check. Give my past self a hug. Check.

Checking things off the list is one of my favorite things to do. I think it’s the perfect time to take inventory of things I enjoy.

  • Check Lists
  • Planning
  • Analyzing, projecting and measuring
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Drawing, coloring and aligning
  • Placing furniture in a home
  • Repurposing, recycling and conservation
  • Resale shopping
  • Nature
  • Murder mysteries
  • Dinner with my family
  • Red wine
  • Alone time
  • Kayaking
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • Blogging
  • And apparently I like hyphenated words a lot

Well, it’s a start. Somehow putting down my interests on virtual paper makes them exist a just a little more.


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